Friday, April 24, 2009

i only trust MY SELF!!

hard to say it.
but YES!
i only trust MY SELF by now!
there's no such a best friend indeed.
well,,myB i was wrong.
it supposed to be lyk this :
"there's only a lil best friend indeed outthere,,n it's definately NOT you."

for sum1 outthere
i [really] hate to say this,,but i had to! :

klo lo emang ga bisa ngertiin gmn perasaan gw,,
mungkin lo HARUS ngalamin apa yg gw alamin!!
jadi lo bs ngerti gmn perasaan gw.
gimana rasa sakitnya gw.
gw bner2 berharap lo bakalan nemuin kejadian yg sama spt yg gw hadapin!!

*cape untuk terus ngertiin tapi TIDAK dimengerti.